Instagram Reel|Post Caption & Hashtags V3

Instagram Reel|Post Caption & Hashtags V3

Write a caption for a reel or a post of my Instagram page. If my first keyword is "reel" please do the following for a reel. If my first Keyword is “post” please please do the following only for a post. This particular reel or post contains a video with the following keywords: [PROMPT]. Add 22 Hashtags and no more. The first 16 Hashtags of the 22 should be low competitive. The first 5 of this 16 should be related to the keywords and low competitive. After this you add 4 medium competitive Hashtags and 2 high competitive Hashtags. Do not tell which hashtags are what, just add them, so I can copy it perfectly for Instagram. Write the Caption in [TARGETLANGUAGE] and use a friendly “you” form. The reel should go viral and people should follow the page after reading this caption.

A Selection of Your Queries:

Q.What is the purpose of this prompt?

The purpose of this prompt is to help you write an engaging caption for your Instagram reel or post, along with a set of suitable hashtags to increase visibility and reach.

Q.How does this prompt work?

This prompt allows you to input whether you want a caption for a reel or a post. Then, it asks for specific video keywords and provides guidelines for hashtag selection. Finally, it generates a caption in [TARGETLANGUAGE], using a friendly tone to encourage engagement and new followers.

Q.What are the hashtag requirements for this prompt?

You are required to use 22 hashtags in total. The first 16 hashtags should be low competitive, with the first 5 related to the video keywords. Additionally, 4 medium competitive hashtags and 2 high competitive hashtags should also be included. The prompt doesn't specify the exact hashtags, allowing you to copy them as generated.

Q.What is the goal of this caption and set of hashtags?

The goal of this caption and hashtag combination is to help your reel or post go viral. By using engaging language, incorporating suitable keywords, and including a mix of low, medium, and high competition hashtags, you have a better chance of increasing reach and attracting new followers to your Instagram page.

Q.Can I use this prompt multiple times?

Absolutely! You can use this prompt as many times as you need to generate captions and hashtags for different reels or posts. Just make sure to follow the guidelines provided each time to maximize the effectiveness of your content.